Perubahan (change)

From the start in. AMIKOM indeed I was interested in the appearance of the lecturers in AMIKOM, but I do not know how they can become like that?

Waw. . . Truly extraordinary changes that occurred after attending a meeting 3x.

Although not 100% change going on inside me but really the changes happening in me.

Starting from the change in appearance, ways of thinking and set my soul has felt the difference. In terms of Appearance every time I went to college right now trying to obtaining use tie shirt, pants and shoes pantaufel, not only kekempus time only, at any ruhah I began to love tidiness.

Although, at first many challenges that must be in the face?

Starting from the ridicule temen kos like asdos (I seh even say so not happy at amiinin aja?

But the rich worse salesmen say,,,

Anyway I enjoy with such a neat appearance.

In terms of mind, now I’m trying to suppress my negative thoughts and change with positive thoughts. A difficult thing indeed but I yakain I certainly can.

Changes are also happening in my life, I now can become a person who is always sincere despite the turmoil in me but I hold it and change the negative shocks with sincerity.

Personal Smart, Diligent, Attractive, Neat, Aktife, Kreatife, and Semanggat I wanted to apply myself.

Hopefully it can I do in the near future. Amiiin


About arieve techno

My name arieve, i'm from Purworejo..i live in Yogyakarta more aboute me YM/twitter : arieve_techno

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