Tes Kepribadian

Test Type Kepribadian (Interpersonal Skill 1 after mid)

1 Adventure K 21 Bashful M
2 Peaceful P 22 Unenthusiast P
3 Sociable S 23 Resentful M
4 Considerat M 24 Fussy M
5 Resserved P 25 Impatient K
6 Self-Reliant K 26 Unpredictable S
7 Positive K 27 Hasistant P
8 Shy P 28 Pround K
9 Optimistik S 29 Aliented M
10 Friendly P 30 Nervy K
11 Diplomatic P 31 Witdrawn M
12 Ceerfull S 32 Too Sensitive M
13 Inoffensive P 33 Doubtfull P
14 Dry Humor P 34 Intoleran K
15 Mixed easily S 35 Manipulative K
16 Thoughtfull M 36 Show-Offs S
17 Leader K 37 Loner M
18 Cute S 38 Scatlerbrained S
19 Pleasant P 39 Rash K
20 Balance P 40 Crafty M


Sanguinis(S) Koleris(K) Melankolis(M) Plegmatis(P)
Strength 5 4 2 9
Weeknesses 3 6 8 3
Total 8 10 10 12

described in this test that there are 4 kinds of human personality

1. Sanguinists personality type

The main feature is a popular and speaker (talkative, likes to talk, rame)

2. Personality Type Koleris

The main feature of strong and actors

3. Melancholy personality type

Its main characteristic is to always want to be perfect and a thinker.

4. Plagmetis personality type ‘

The main characteristics of peace and observers

and my own personality into the four main characteristics of plagmetis dengn observers and peace, if the professor said this type of meaning is always a peaceful person, pembawaanya calm, handsome, clever, etc. (hehe pizzz …

Anybody want in personality tests can contact me.



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  1. hahahaaahah… kren2…. tes wz mas…

  2. hhhhhaaaaha….
    tes tessss tes 1milyard 2milyar….

    thnk blogwalking’a brow

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