The Winner Never Die


Winner Will Never Die

The theme of the meeting yesterday It was at that meeting that I feel inggin shout, my inner turmoil is so terrible.

Somehow I knew baseball, but certainly when I heard the words that are pronounced the mother lecturer I feel really think I’ve become a true winner, because it’s a true winner tidakakan never die.

But other keadananya when I terenung teseringkali I still often miss the spirit within reach something. There are many things that often become an obstacle in reaching for something and I inggin memghancurkan barriers that!

* I want to destroy me feel lazy
* I want to destroy the sense of delay I work
* I want to destroy the selfish me
* I want to destroy the negative thoughts I
* I want to destroy me feel proud

I hate it all and I want to destroy all of it for no more words I died in reaching goals.



About arieve techno

My name arieve, i'm from Purworejo..i live in Yogyakarta more aboute me YM/twitter : arieve_techno

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  1. saya setuju sama kata-kata anda…
    nice post…

    numpang blogwalking gan hehe…
    ditunggu kunjungan baliknya y…
    salam kenal..

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