5 Reasons to Wear Blazer

KOMPAS.com – you do not like wearing a jacket or a blazer for the office, because it gives the impression of too formal or too complicated? Hm … Think again. Because your appearance when her blazer was very influenced judgments of others about yourself. If you are afraid to look too formal, just copy the style of celebrities when wearing a blazer.

1. Boosting confidence
When you wear a jacket or blazer to the office, you will gain instant confidence. Your confidence will shine, and others will catch that impression. Naturally, you will feel more competent, because others will assume you are more competent.

2. You do not have to work hard to make the boss or impress your co-workers
Wearing a suit will add to your credibility. You do not have to work too hard to prove that you are credible, and struggled to gain recognition from others. Research shows that 55 percent of your credibility comes from your appearance.

3. A more positive first impression

Whether it’s for a job interview, or meet customers, you’ll want to create a pleasant impression. Well, colleagues, superiors, or customers, will capture a more positive first impression of you when you wear a blazer.

4. You will be taken more seriously in the office
When you wear clothes that resemble the style of celebrity work, or what is trendy on the runway, you are going to create a fashionable image as an employee. However, your career would be hard to climb. The work and achievements you will not be taken seriously.

5. Other people will respect you
Dare to experiment? Try to wear a blazer to the office every day for a week, and notice how people will respond to you. Then, in the next week wearing a more casual dress, and then see what happens. You will not get the same award, and people will not regard what you say or do sekredibel when you dress more professional. If you look professional, others will treat you professionally.

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