Starting a Business Must Since Age Youth? – According to modern myth, the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs are generally dominated by men the geeks in their 20s, not adults, and a step toward success and fame. It comes with the emerge names like Bill Gates, Netscape founder Marc Andreessen, Google guys, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Although their stories match the myths that exist, but almost all the stereotypes are wrong.

The proof, in the United States today is the women who became the driving force behind many new businesses. Center for Women’s Business Research there even suggested the development of women-owned businesses grew by nearly two times more than most companies that exist. They employ more than 12.8 million employees. Spend 550 million U.S. dollars (approximately USD 5.17 billion) for salaries and employee benefits, and posted sales of 1.9 trillion U.S. dollars late (around Rp 17.86 trillion).

Myth entrepreneurship was so important because it can relax the spirit of those who do not meet the criteria. However, although it is not appropriate, women entrepreneurs have been pouring millions of dollars into the American economy and the world. Then, most importantly, they do everything with rules of the game itself!

Rules in terms of age so can be broken. Jill Blashack Strahan (48), for example. He started Tastefully Simple at age 37. By then he had married and had children. According to him, mature age is one of the keys to success. “When young, I did not recognize who I was,” says Jill. “As for a great leader, we must know ourselves well.”

According to research Simon Parker, professor of economics and entrepreneurship at the University of Durham, UK, the majority of businesses owned ripe old entrepreneur has a long-lasting trend. The average age of existing corporate leaders in Inc. 500, the list of fastest growing private companies, is 43 years old. Entrepreneur Doris Drucker oldest started his first company at the age of 82.

However, there is the assumption that an entrepreneur should start young, because only young people who are brave enough to try something with a high failure rate. However, it turns out after all the experience, too, proved to be far more valuable than a foolish courage.

When Carol Latham, 67, entered the business class, the students direct shock. It is obvious what’s on their minds: “He is the entrepreneur? No way! Too old!” Then Carol shared stories.

He is a chemist in Cleveland who then stopped working to care for children. He stayed home for 18 years, and only returned to work in 1981. The mid-1980s, when computers smaller size, Carol realized that the computer is too hot will cause big problems. Relies on chemical background, he got the idea to use heat introductory material with polymer material.

In 1989, he was desperate to open his own company, Thermagon. Carol then lacked money to pay salaries, but his heart did not sink. “My experience as a housewife makes me able to motivate people, without money. I myself used to be a volunteer. I think to move people to do something without anything in return. It turned out I did it,” continued Carol.

He hired inexperienced workers and persuade the Cleveland school board to send the English and Mathematics teachers. Then, he held a variety of training. “We are promoting more women and minorities. Develop their skills and provide opportunities for a better life. It was a perfect end,” he said.

(Margaret Heffernan)


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