Do not waste our time

Day by day, continue to spin endlessly. There was already a lot of things that we passed in this life. Age we are increasing rapidly, and sooner or later death will come pick us to separate us from this mortal world. So time went by so fast. What a lucky person who intelligently utilizing his time in this life, so that none of the elapsed time is worth the reward unless dankebaikan. While the people are deceived by Satan persuasions and passions, time ran out without any meaning, even dragged him to sin and the wrath of God. Time is one of the most expensive gift that God gave to his servant. with God-given time, humans have the potential and opportunity to carry out various activities in his life. And by the time that people had divided into two major categories. One group are those yag lucky and one other group is those who are losers. In this case, Allah has explained in a letter to al-‘Ashr which reads: “For the future. Behold, the man is in loss. Except those who believe, do good deeds and intestate each other to truth and patience. “(Al-‘Ashr [103]: 1-3) The above verse has also confirmed to us that the indigo time depends on the extent to which each individual can use on the road that God ridhai. Among the efforts yag we can do is make time management, which emerged from the awareness of the urgency of time in life. God himself has vowed to time in many verses in al quran, it is a sign that beapa precious and glorious time at the sight of Allah SWT. If Allah memuliaka time then every Muslim should also glorify the time. Time is life, without any time a Muslim can not live and serve God. And wasted time means take ourselves to the wrath of Allah SWT.


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